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xSnapFPVx staff application

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Game Name:
Iron Snap




Discord Name & Tag: Snap FPV#5671


Country: United States


Timezone: central standard


How active will you be per day?
pretty much always make time for atleast an hour after work. during work I tend to be pretty afk grinding simple task. so really I'm on and off all day every day for the most part. but at least a few times a week and I'll play all day after work, and weekends were in not doing anything is constant gameplay if it's up to me.


Previous Staff Experience:
nothing on a rsps, I was a very avid osrs player, recently given up after not being able to recover my 17 yrs old account that was stolen. I part of a halo xbox halo 2 modding forumt, I modded the gfx section of waaay back in the day probably 2005ish 2006ish.


Why should we choose you?
I really feel like I am on enough and help enough people through the day that I felt the need to try and see if I can come on the team as official support. I really love playing on the server, and pretty much working in customer support so it's kinda just built into be to help when help is needed.


Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member:
active - I believe good staff should be avalible, even if it's not for hours a day, good staff will still pop in game frequently letting players know were they can reach out to you for answer, even something as simple as scrolling back through chat to make sure you did not miss anyone can go a long way.

encouraging - having the ranks be out throwing out gz, getting events going (hide n seek ect), throwing out tips to people that need help. taking apart in the increased drop rate events, and even just doing simple grinds and progressing accounts like a regular player and achieving goals helps other player and new player.

team player - as generic as being a team player sounds, it's a big part of pumping up any kind of page or event, or even I'm my works case the brand that I sell. I am a huge team player for everything a live by in my life weather it be my work, hobbies, or even my family. it's all about being 100% true to what you think is the best and not backing down from that. I love pushing and encouraging people to enjoy the server the way I do myself every day. which happends to be alot of mindless grinding which I love, filling the collection log, and soon to be learning raids.


Picture of time played (found in quest tab):



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I see you helping out in-game and discord, fairly active on forums too, don't talk to you a lot as our timezone is different and we're looking more for GMT timezone, no problem though.

I can definitely support this app, good luck


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Without hesitation, you have my full support for this staff application. 

You're actively online & assisting players in the right areas, you take part in forum discussions which is always great to see potential candidates involved as much as possible, you have great knowledge and understanding of the server and your Discord presence is up to par. If it was my decision, I would've accepted this application straight off the bat! Nevertheless keep doing you and great things should come from it.

I wish you the best of luck. @xSnapFPVx

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