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Show Your Real Life Pics Here

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The Legends say @Daily once belonged to a group of Vikings on a lonely deserted island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! whom had been living there Untouched from the outside world with absolutely no knowledge of what lies beyond the deep dark frozen wastelands ahead of him! They say he used to lift HUGE Boulders of ICE instead of these new age fancy Olympic Bars, He used to climb Mountain like Ice burgs with his bare hands and even slayed Polar Bears with just his wit and his Strength!!!!

A Strong Viking Warrior he was Indeed!


On 5/26/2020 at 12:45 AM, Daily said:

someone forced me into this



Nah but for Real this man is a God Dam MACHINE!!! haha, Anyway thought id join in haha. I know I look miniscule compared to muscle man over here but the left one was me at my Leanest point with bare minimal bodyfat and the Right one is me before my first fight! I had to gain a bunch of weight due to my opponents size haha Basically I went from the Left pic To the Right pic in just 6 Weeks, I was quite impressed with myself but seeing this Freakin monster i feel ashamed!


Untitled-1.png.90657997b07cd33dd01a20cc97af262e.png                                 Untitled-12.png.d2e7993b5df3c88f87c0d43128dfaeff.png


Quick Shitter Pic  😅 : 



All jokes aside


On 4/9/2020 at 1:20 AM, Mewtwo GX said:


Your hair is pretty crazy too!

prof pic.png


Something we all have in common by the loots of things Lol

Untitled-10.png.66e0000d9454b17b629e900aa2b00c6c.png                            Untitled-16.png.5ef64d9120656ce527e2c278e320a3dc.png

Last but not Least a Couple Photoshoot Pictures haha: 

Untitled-15.png.f68203f810acffa9e09c508964f7e8be.png                              Untitled-19.png.5abf69967284a045307e15b7a7cbef7d.png


Sorry for all the pics, Love a good pose 😉

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