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Quick cash!

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So alot of people in the community have been asking how do i make starter cash, and it is very simple! In Vitality there are many many many opportunities to make money from skilling to pvm to pking! Im going to tell you some of the best methods of making money and have a little guide on how to make your bank grow!

1. Skilling

For skilling practically anything can make you money. Some of the easiest things are mining gold ore which smelting gold bars is of the fastest methods to achieve 99 smithing. You can mine gold ore easily in the crafting guild and have a bank chest very close! you can sell your gold ore to other players who are just looking for a quick 99 for almost 5k-10k each! From about 40-99 smithing you will need about 4000 gold ore give or take to reach 99! It might take some time mining all the ore but is a very good way to make starter cash and get 99 mining!

Skillers can also cut mahogany logs which are always going to be in high demand because mahogany planks and making mahogany tables is the fastest construction exp in the game! You can cut mahogany logs on etceteria north of the castle. Why there you ask? because there is a bank deposit box and a bank right next to the trees! you can cut anywhere between 600-1000 logs an hour and get some really good woodcutting exp! Logs can sell anywhere between 75k-100k gp per log and planks can sell for anywhere between 100k-150k per plank! It is a bit long method but generates yourself really good money and exp in the process!

Fishing is also a very good profitable skill! if you are looking to max you will have to eventually get 99 fishing. And in Vitality the best food source in the game is anglerfish which is always in high demand by pkers. Raw anglerfish sell for about 35k gp each which is really good! but to increase your profits more you can cook raw anglers and sell the cooked anglers for almost 50k gp each! Fishing anglerfish is very good exp and gp per hour this will and can net you not 1 but 2 99s in fishing and cooking for those who plan on maxing!


Pvm will always be a good money maker no matter where you go. So many items that are in high demand such as Trident of the seas, Abyssal Whips and many more come from the slayer skill. If you are interested in just getting 99 slayer you will make anywehre between 100m-1b+ depends on the routes you take. In vitality Almost every monster in the game drops coin caskets ranging from small to giant! Each casket representing its size will give you a nice chunk of change that does add up over time. so even if you are unlucky like me and hardly get any rare drops you can always count on the coin caskets making you profit every task! 

One amazing this about vitality's slayer skill is that you can choose what difficulty of slayer task you would like to recieve! The tiers consist of Easy Medium Hard and finally Boss tasks! The one im going to mainly talk about is boss tasks. Boss tasks are very very profitable. You can do low end bosses such as Scorpia and King Black Dragon that can bring you nice profit. Theses are good starter bosses to kill and boss tasks to look out for because they require minimal gear and minimal gp to start killing them. A few other bosses and some of the most profilable bosses you can recieve as slayer tasks consist of the Godwars dungeon bosses! All the Godwars bosses from the same gear and weapons in osrs but the drops rates are a bit better! So after you have made some juicy profit from slayer or feel like going to kill these bosses they can net you anywehre between 50m-200m every hour depending on your Rng! These are also good multi player activities! have a group of friend tag along and get a bunch of kills every trip which more kills equals more loot! 

3. PKing

Pking along with slayer will always be another great money maker! Whether you are singles pking at edge in rune or DH or deep wild clan pking you can always make a profit! Every kill  no matter what will always net you gp! thats how vitality works! You earn wilderness points which can be spent in the amazing shop right in edgeville! Wilderness points can be sold for 3-5k each but you recieve anywhere between 100-300 per kill! you also get a nice little cash reward for slaying your opponent which after 10+ kills will add up! You also do not need starter cash to pk! you can use the starter sets vitality provides and immediately start pking when you join! Who knows maybe you can smite someones AGS or Dragon Claws!


Thats it im sorry i couldnt post any pictures but i hope this helps out! thanks you reading have a great day and feel free to message me (abyssteus) in game if you ever have any questions. Im always glad to help! 



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Very detailed guide for quick cash, great job on the guide will help a lot of new players like myself out 🙂

I will be using some of these/have already began doing for some starter cash until I get into bossing/Pking. 


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Great and incredibly informative thread.  I hope you continue to post more content like this.  The Forums needs it.  Thanks

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