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Galvek Guide

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Howdy everyone!


This guide will go over some of the basics of the Galvek boss fight! This is the same boss from the Dragon Slayer 2 quest from OSRS, with the same mechanics and everything.




Drop table



Getting there


Galvek can be found by using a rowboat in level 16 wilderness, just east of the black salamander teleport: 







Recommended setup

You will be using ranged for this boss fight. Obviously, the better gear the easier this fight will be, but in this guide I suggest by using at least the following gear, as this is the gear I use on my welfare ironman setup and still am able to do multiple kills in one trip:





If you would like to risk bringing better gear into the wilderness and a dangerous instance, I would upgrade the black dragonhide to armadyl, the blessed dragonhide boots into pegasians and the crossbow into an armadyl crossbow. The ring of life is for potential life saving teleports.


The fight (phase 1 - fire)

On the first phase, Galvek will be on the northern part of the ship. During this phase Galvek will primarily be using magic so during this phase we will use Protect from Magic throughout the duration of this phase. Galvek will also periodically use a purple dragonfire attack that disables your prayers. It is recommended to setup quick prayers to easily be able turn these back on.


Furthermore, he will periodically use two special attacks. The first special attack is a large fireball that he launches into the air. This has potential lethal damage if it lands directly on you. It will still damage you if you are within 1 square of the fireball but not for lethal damage. This attack looks like this:



The other special attack he will use on this phase is the fire bomb traps that he lays out. These will kill you if you run into them. On the following screenshot I have outlined a T-shape area that is safe to stand in and you will never get hit.




The fight (phase 2 - wind)

During this phase, Galvek will be on the Western side of the ship. He will again be primarily using magic attacks during this phase with the occasional ranged attack. His special attack is simply a stats reducing attack that he sends out occasionally, hence why we brought the super restores/stamina potions and not prayer potions. This phase is fairly simple, just dodge the lethal fireball when he sends it out.


The fight (phase 3 - water)

This phase is known as the most difficult one because of the potential to die easily on here. During this phase, he will be using ranged attacks more often so we now use Protect from Missiles throughout this phase. He will still send out his usual fireball and purple dragonfire attacks as well during this phase. However, in addition his special attack this time is sending out a tsunami wave that travels from either north -> south or south -> north across the boat with a single opening.  If you get hit by any these waves, they will kill you for lethal damage.




The fight (phase 4 - earth)

During this phase, Galvek will rise with the power of earth. He will be primarily using ranged attacks so we will use Protect from Missiles again throughout the duration of this phase. For this phase he will be in the center of the boat, which means you must be careful to not get near him as he can attack you with melee if you get within 1 tile of him. This phase is fairly simple, as his special attack during this phase is simply a stun. This stun will deal no damage to you, but it does leave you vulnerable to his fireball launch attack as a potential KO. This stun can be dodge by just simply moving 1 square away from the current spot. The stun looks like this:









And with that, that's the Galvek fight in a nutshell! It's a fun fight and isn't too dangerous once you get used to it and know what you are doing. Good luck on looting that dragon hunter crossbow everyone!








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This is what I call a guide

Top notch ❤️

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Could've put more effort into this but good guide nonetheless.

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Very nice guide. i like the short clips instead of a whole video like other people do.


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