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Raw Envy

[09/05/20] Game Updates - Graceful recolouring, XP drops damage toggle, Rune pouches in tournamnts & loads more

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I hope everyone likes the updates, along with the below updates we are also working on other bigger updates currently such as The Grand Exchange and Theatre of Blood. I'm hoping to get at least one of these out next week.

Also, a big thanks to everyone voting everyday to help the server grow even more. Remember to vote every 12 hours, we're almost rank 6 and we will enable 50% bonus XP and 30% bonus Wilderness points for 2 days once we reach it!

  • XP and experience counter drop damage toggle added to the toggle tab in players quest tab.
    • Select whether to show your experience counter drops as the experience you get or as the damage you deal.
    • This is useful for PKers to predict their hits.
  • Graceful equipment recolouring .
    • Grace can now recolour graceful pieces for 3m per piece.
    • Trade Grace to recolour.
  • Tournament changes:
    • Rune pouches are now added for all tournament types that have runes.
    • Raids prayers will now show highlighted even if you don't have them unlocked during tournaments.
    • Tournament winners now get a Mystery box along with the usual 30m coins.
    • Main NH now has less brews and Karambwan's added.
    • Pure NH has had the ZGS and Granite maul replaced with a DDS.
    • Maxed main hybrid now has AGS/G maul instead of claws and karambwan's added.
    • Zerker hybrid now has karambwan's added and 5 way switch instead of 6.
    • You can no longer use Smite in Zerker melee tournaments.
    • Autocast on staffs will no longer save in tournaments.
  • Ardougne knight achievement added .
    • Complete the required number of Ardougne knight thieves and agility laps to purchase the Ardougne cloak.
  • You can now obtain large Wilderness caskets from Wilderness slayer.
  • Various raids fixes.
  • Anti venom now works for Zulrah.
  • Scythe of Vitur accuracy buff.
  • ::ffa command to teleport players to the FFA area.
  • Ironmen can no longer buy Mystery boxes from the vote points shop.
  • The ale of the gods now has its correct animation.
  • The Berserker necklace ornament kit can now be purchased from the vote points shop.
  • It now costs 5 million coins to reset your KDR.
  • Custom YouTuber links have beeen added so content creators can set their own video links with their username as the command.
  • The last teleport option on the Vitality wizard now saves after logging out.
  • Bandits at the Kharidian Desert will now be aggressive when you wear god items and use their various NPC shouts to flame the god items you possess. 
  • The Inquisitors armour effect has now been added.
  • Inquisitors mace attack speed fixed (it was too slow previously).
  • Amethyst mining.
  •  Darklight can now be upgraded to an Arclight for 10 million coins with Doric.
  • Bug fixes and tweaks.






Thanks for reading!

Vitality Management

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Great work as per usual Envy - Really glad to see the Graceful recolors and Ardy Cloak (IT ATTACHES TO THE MAX CAPE WHICH IS HUGE)

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awesome update, me and a friend were just talking about how we wish the ale of the gods anim worked, wild timing haha. 


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