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iggy azalea wow GIF

- Application form -

* Any experience of Hybrid / Tribrid / Pking? -

* Age -

* Why you would want to join #LS? -

* What are your supplies? -

* Do you have discord account? -

* Timezone? -


- Rules - 

1. No bsing inside clan.

2. No threatening / flooding.

3. Listen higher ranks commands.

4. Don't discriminate anyone in clan.

5. Don't beg for rank up.

6. Own a discord account.


- Members list -

Bolt (Leader) (Discord: Bolt#4936)

Grannyboy (Leader)

Fila (General)

Desmond / Papa (General)

Fafakuk (Lieutenant)

Lewiiz (Recruit)

Curtis (Recruit)

Rangeteam79 (Recruit)

Sphinx (Recruit)

Loyal Rambo (Recruit)

Tiim (Recruit)



Whats Luck



Jelly Baked

Rey Hast

Puerto Banos

Age of Fury

- What our community could offer you? -

* Respect

* However, if you are good member for us, and aint break any rule

and you're doing everything whats right inside clan, we are able to give you

ingame money for being respectful / and helpful member.

Nice community.

* Revs protection / Wildy pvming and alot more (Multi/Singles).

We offer you amazing experience in a new clan / which i've decided 

to take into Vitality private server from osrs.


If you're able to join pm ingame "Bolt" or "Grannyboy".

Thank you for forwarding this thread. Have a good day. 

Edited by Bolt

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